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Boost Hydration in 3 simple steps.


“We Repair Your Skin Barrier.”

"We Repair your Skin Barrier"

What do our Customer say?

"it suits my skin very well, the serum is very fragrant and I like it very much. Moisturizing and sunscreen are not greasy at all. After using it for a brighter face, after using it for a few days, the closed mouth acne on the skin has descreased a lot and I will buy it again. Love It!."
aina sufian
"I love this compact case, it's different from the others. I wiped it on one side of my face. The texture is very smooth & covers the small blemishes almost imperceptibly at all."
Hana hussain
"2nd time mikaseries the best for skin. Memang sesuai sangat untuk daily makeup, tinted glowing powder memang superb! Cuma untuk natural tu untuk skin gelap"
"Love it so much! Warna match, blended well, nice scents. Medium coverage but buildable, matte finish yang cantik. Sangat comfortable & not too much.Sesuai untuk daily usage. Thanks for freegift, Mikadation walaupun code gelap but i love! "
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