Mikawear – Boxer + Butt Booster


MIKAWEAR BOXER + BUTT BOOSTER are flexible and durable, our pads feel real to touch and naturally enhance the size of your glutes! So even if you are grabbed or if someone staps your booty, no one will be able to tell the difference.


Our original design gives more gluteal volume and definition, adapting perfecly to every body shape. Its design is practical, discreet and comfortable. It can be used as an everyday underwear, to improve sitting or riding stamina or wear it without the padding as a normal boxer brief. Made with Microfiber Strech for maximum ompresson support and comfort.



– Removable padding bocer brief

– pads fit securely in each pad pocket

– Design to naturally lif the glutes

– Excellent shape & perfect fit

– Get more bum instantly

– Moisture wicking microfiber stretch

– 90% Fiber Polyester 10% Spandex


Mikawear – Boxer + Butt Booster
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